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  • USA Map
On January 22, 2018, a 30% tariff was levied on solar panel imports to the United States. International module manufacturers were quick to recognize the growth potential of the US market;...
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  • Solar Op-Ed
Many local solar installers agree that their main task is educating customers, lawmakers and building inspectors about solar. Local solar contractors are in a unique position to advocate for solar...
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  • Community Solar
Over half of homeowners or businesses cannot install solar due to rooftop or financial limitations. Community solar may make sense for these folks. As of October 2018, the U.S. boasted 1.2 GW of...
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  • PG&E
PG&E -- California’s largest utility with 40% of ratepayers -- gave notice that they are filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy on January 14th. The expected claim from Camp Fire in November 2018 and...
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  • NEC 2017 Rapid Shutdown
Most electricians and solar installers across the country are intimately familiar with the National Electric Code (NEC). Published every three years by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA...
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  • LIthium Ion Energy Storage
Batteries have become increasingly popular over the years, and today are routine in the modern home. From a standard AAA battery in a television remote control to a sophisticated lithium-ion battery...
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  • Solar Transforming Energy
All across the United States, cities and states are taking significant steps to enforce higher clean energy standards. These changes are starting at the local level, but are influencing how we...
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  • Google Reviews
Online reviews are the new form of marketing currency for solar installers. Once a homeowner or business is approached by a solar salesperson, one of their first actions will be to Google the...
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  • StorEdge
Hybrid is defined as a having two different types of components performing essentially the same function. In residential solar applications, a hybrid inverter combines the work of a grid-tied...
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I can't find an Envoy Combiner Box anywhere. Is there a way to build a code-compliant Enphase combiner box?
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  • Designing a 208v Three-Phase Solar Project
As residential installers begin to win more jobs, small commercial projects become a natural next step. When making that leap to commercial service voltage, a little upfront knowledge of 208 three-...
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  • LG Chem
Residential storage has been booming across the United States. As some utilities fight against the rise in solar by changing their rate structures, and as natural disasters have been in increasing in...
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  • St. Thomas, USVI (October 2017)
Between June 1st and November 30, the East Coast of the United States and the Caribbean are at a higher risk of hurricanes making landfall. These hurricanes -- including Florence, Harvey, Irma, and...
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  • Chilicon
This article will discuss the advantages of using microinverters with AC coupling for residential, single-phase applications. The two leading microinverter manufacturers in the U.S. market include...
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  • SGIP
2018 Overview It was a busy summer between tariffs and rate reform debates, but California Senate ended the summer on a positive note for solar installers by passing S.B. 700. S.B. 700--still needs...
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  • Caribbean Solar
The use of solar power is on the rise in the Caribbean as a way to lower energy consumption costs and increase resiliency against severe storms. The Caribbean’s tropical climate, sunny weather, and...
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