What type and size inverter do I need to run my deep well water pump? It states that it is 12 amps.


You will have to tell us what voltage it is running on. You will also need to determine the starting amps of it. To do this you will need a clamp on amp meter. Hopefully you will use it to power more than your deep well pump. Unless you use an awfull lot of water it will be idle most of the time. 

I will send you the detail brochure of AC-DC water pumping system solution, and you can read and decide what you need, please send me your e-mail so I can e-mail you .





I Have 2  2000 w inverters at 110v ea,  I need 220v  to run  some of my appliances, (iwant to go off grid) what else do I need ( AC, stove dryer etc.) thanks jimpoe