What is the difference between off grid and on grid solar panels?


Off grid solar panels system is an independent installation that is not connected directly to the utility feed. You use battery to stock the energy.

On grid solar panels system is an installation connected directly to the utility feed. If the installation produces more electricity than needed then the excess power is sold to the electric company.

Here is an article who explain a little bit more about Off grid and On grid:http://www.civicsolar.com/node/2159

I think he was wanting to know if their is a difference between the panels themselves, because some panels say they're suitable for on grid,.....while others say they're good for on or off grid installations. I would like to know too.

Dennis and fourteen - There is no real difference between grid-tied and off grid modules, besides maybe a bit more rugged construction, though I should note almost all modules are now made to withstand the elements anyways. As Raphael stated above, grid tied vs off grid is really going to refer to the rest of your system, especially the inverter. For some additional information on the two applications, check out these articles on grid-tied and off-grid systems.  I hope this helps clear up any confusion.