What is the difference between DIN rail and panel mount breakers?

Hey, I'd appreciate if you could provide me some information regarding DIN rail and panel mount breakers.

Can I mount a 50A DIN rail breaker on the 200A service panel? 


Thanks for your question,

DIN rail and Panel Mount are the two most common ways of securing circuit breakers. "DIN" rail is a standard dimension rail that can be attached to any flat surface. One can then mount AC or DC breakers, relays, modems - just about anything. DIN rail is most often associated with off-grid and specifcally DC components.

The "Panel" in panel mount refers to a service or sub-panel. They are usually associated with commercial or residential AC components. The breakers in one's grid connected home are almost certainly panel-mount style.

So the answer to your question would be no, you can't mount a DIN rail breaker in a standard 200A service panel.