URGENT QUESTION ON LA 302R 125-250 Volt Single Phase 3 wire service

I have a LA 302R 125-250 volt single phase 3 wire service it was installed by a licensed electrician

to protect a Franklin Electric subdrive 150 constant PSI pressure controller for a well and for the third time, it was destroyed.  How do I test this surge protector to see if it is still good.  It doesn't look damaged yet.  The $1,500 well controller was destroyed. Read the installation instructions and the lightening arrestor was installed properly.  

Is there an arrestor that can be installed at the pump controller end at the source of the damage in addition to the one in the service panel that is installed to the load side breaker?  Again, how do I test to see if this is damaged. The electrician is here now and we have put a voltage meter to test conductivity on the two black wires and it shows none, but we tried that on a different style and it also shows none.



The LA302 suppressor is rated for "unlimited" cycles. If it is bad, it tends to be very obvious from split casing or burned wires.

CivicSolar has a number of solar specialists on staff, but not enough water pumping techs to handle your question. Try calling Delta directly at (432) 267-1000

One thing I can offer is that you may want to add a capacitor to your system to handle smaller, but damaging surges that the controller could be experiencing as well.