How much does cost to ship a pallet of solar panels?

Could you give me a range on how much it would cost to ship one pallet of solar panels?


Hi Waco, this is an important question as shipping cost accounts for considerable part of the total amount. However it is hard to give an amount as the shipping cost for solar panels is dependent on the size of the pallet, weight, distance, type of delivery location (residential/commercial) and the requirement of a lift gate.

To give an example of freight of solar panels, let’s assume that we are shipping a pallet of the size 64 X 42 X 48 and weighing 965 lbs.

Though not accurate, I'd like to give you a ballpark idea: For this pallet of solar panels the shipping cost from CA to NY would be between $950 and $1300. For the same pallets the shipping from CA to AZ would be approximately between $300 and $450. Please note that these numbers are just ranges which are calculated based on several assumptions as this is a hypothetical example.

For an accurate information I would recommend you to contact Civic Solar Logistics 1-800-409-2257 with the above information and they could provide you an accurate freight quote for the panel of your choice.

A related shipping question: If i need something *in a hurry* am i able to pick up a order (need to prepay?) from your warehouse/stores directly and, if so, would that be at your listed location in San Francisco ?

Hi Michael, Our listed San Francisco location is our main sales office, therefore we do not stock anything there. We do have various warehouses across the country, but unfortunately most are not capable of handling customer pick-ups. Regards