How does azimuth effect the daily and annual solar energy production?

What is the effect of azimuth for a solar PV system? Does it really matter if my solar array is pointing towards 225dg (45 dg off to west).

Could you provide me resources? I am in Denver, CO.

Thank you


Hey Robin,

Depending on how far off your solar array is from the ideal azimuth, your PV system's effectiveness can be reduced by as much as 40%!  For your specific location, the ideal azimuth is 172dg.  Since your array is at 225dg, your energy production is reduced by almost 10%.  To see for yourself visit Solmetric's Insolation Look Up.  If you want to learn more about how azimuth effects your solar panels I would suggest to look at this Azimuth article.  Also the Tilt Angle article might be helpful, since it is related to the azimuth.