How do I wire solar panels to a charge controller?

I purchased two ET 185W solar panels a few weeks back and it did not include any instructions on how to properly wire the panels together or to another source.  I am planning on using these panels to power a submersible pump and the panels will be be connected to a charge controller.  I am just not that certain on how to physically wire the panels to the charge controller.

Can the wires be spliced together or does it require a special connector? Also, I was not certain on the proper grounding required for the panels in case of electrical shock.  Any help would be greatly appreciated if there is certain literature or if there is an instruction guide on wiring panels that would be great.   Thanks!


Thank you for the question Hunter. What kind of charge controller do you use?

Just to give you an idea, you can check Morningstar installation manual (pdf) here. Briefly, don't cut the connectors of the solar module because that would void the warranty. ET Solar has MC4 connectors. I suggest you buy two extension cables (one with female, one with male connector: the other side of the cables should be bare). You are going to connect the bare ends of the cables directly to the charge controller.

If you are using multiple solar panels, just connect them in series (+ to -), or in parallel (+ to +, - to -). There is going to one + and one - end of the array, which should be connected directly to the charge controller as explained above.

For the grounding, I'd suggest you read the Owner's manual of the charge controller. For the module grounding, all you need is a grounding lug for each module. You can refer to page 4 of ET Solar installation manual (pdf).

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Thanks, this helps alot.  I am using the Grundfos CU 200.  I have the wiring diagram for the controller but it confused me becuase it says to ground the solar panels both in the ground and in the controller? Is there a way to spit the ground wires to accomplish this? Also, what is the normal distance the ground wire needs to be placed in the ground? Thanks

The solar module grounding is to be connected to the charge controller and then to the ground. is this how it looks inside?

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yes, that is it, i'm just confused on how to ground both the solar panels to the ground and connect the same ground wire to the controller

You can start from the charge controller, go to solar panel and frame, then to grounding rod.

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Hello, I am designing a submersible pump system at this time. Would you mind listing the components you used for yours and how it has worked out for you.