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  • IronRidge Clamp
With so many solar mounting products available today, it is hard to know which one is the best fit for your solar application. Clamps, the racking component used to fasten and ground modules to rails...
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  • Orion Solar Racking Carports
Solar carports are an attractive mounting option for businesses, universities, nonprofits and residences looking to showcase their PV system while providing covered parking to employees and patrons...
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  • AET Pile Driven Ground Mount
Ground mounted solar arrays range in size from small residential <10 kW arrays to large utility solutions upwards of 1 MW and beyond. Within that range, there are many, many racking options...
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I'm curious how various types of mounting methods impact the performance of solar panels.  
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  • Solar panel mounting anchors
In the last article we discussed the importance of having a good roof flashing to protect your roof against water intrusion, thus sparing you from expensive damage.  In this article, I would like...
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  • roof flashing, flashing, weather, rain
Protect your roof from water intrusion. Solar modules are designed to last decades, while our roofing may not be.  One of the earliest racking installation methods was to simply apply “dope” or...
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  • racking, array tilt angle, Tilt Angle, row spacing
When designing a PV system that is tilted or ground mounted, determining the appropriate spacing between each row can be troublesome or a down right migraine in the making.  However, it is important...
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  • Unirac intuitive design
In this week’s article I am reviewing Unirac’s recent advancements in their SolarMount racking products. In an ever growing racking market, with all of the options that are out there, it can be...
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  • Well flashed and Sealed PV Mounting
The installation of mounting feet / brackets for PV racking systems on asphalt shingle roofs has come a long way over the years.  Changes in installation details, the introduction of proper flashing...
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  • Rail Free Racking
  The prospect of having a PV mounting support system without mounting rails is nothing new.  Previously it involved having a racking support system that was integrated with a module's frame,...
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  • Grounding Clear Mid Clamp
It’s late in the day and you’re close to finishing up installing the rooftop array.  You only have four more modules left and then you’re done.  However, the sun is quickly sinking and you’re...
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  Solar Is Not Always Sunny Over their lifetime, solar panels experience countless extreme weather events. Not just the worst storms in years, but the worst storms in 40 years. High...
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  • IronRidge Integrated Grounding
       Integrated Grounding FAQ Is UL 2703 a new standard? UL 2703 is currently an Outline of Investigation, which means it has not yet been accepted by ANSI as a standard....
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  Product Updates IronRidge is expanding its XR Rail Family to include three size options: XR10, XR100 & XR1000. These options replace XRS & XRL. In...
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