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  • Residential Storage Deals
With energy storage installations growing at breakneck speeds (100% growth in US installed capacity in 2016), solar installers far and wide are exploring how to best incorporate energy storage in...
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  • Ballasted solar array
This evolving picture routinely delivers a combination of encouraging and sometimes disheartening developments.  While the industry rejoiced with the extension of the federal Investment Tax Credit...
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  • Alternatives to the ITC
Sunnova CEO John Berger broke ranks last week when he sent a letter to Congress detailing his belief that the solar industry is ready for the sunset of the 30% federal ITC.  Not only did Berger...
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  • Plan to reduce CO2 from generators by 32% from 2005 levels by 2030
Last week President Obama, in conjunction with the EPA, introduced the final rule of the Clean Power Plan. The plan targets the power generation sector which currently accounts for roughly a third...
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  • Over the course of its tenure the ITC guided the cost of installed solar from $7
  Since the introduction of a solar investment tax credit (ITC) in 2006 the number of solar installations has grown by over 1,600%.  Going beyond encouraging the adoption of residential and...
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  • Obama Fights to Extend the ITC
Residential and commercial solar benefited from a significant boost with the introduction of a 30% investment tax credit (ITC) under the 2005 Energy Policy Act. Although initially offered for a brief...
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  • 50% Bonus Depreciation for Solar Projects through 2013
Great news, the fiscal cliff deal that is currently in place will have a significant positive impact on the solar industry. Primarily, the bill extends the 50% accelerated bonus depreciation to...
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We are working on a solar installation for a commercial project and are applying for a 1603 cash grant in lieu of tax credits under the ARRA Act of 2009.  How do I prove that that construction has...
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We are looking on a commercial installation where we want to apply for the 1603 Department of Treasury payments for specified engery property in lieu of tax credits.  Is there a requirement that the...
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