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I am doing an East/West Array.  Do I need two separate inverters or an inverter with at least two MPPs? How does production stack up between these options? Thank you. 
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  • Solar panels varry in wattage
It is a common question we hear often at CivicSolar.  A customer has an assortment of modules they want to install in the same system.  They have a stockpile on hand that they want to put to good...
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  • Maximum Power Point - MPP
Designing systems so that panels operate as closely as possible to their Maximum Power Point is critical to maximizing the performance of the system. A large central inverter such as the Solectria...
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  • Evolution of Power Conversion
As the solar industry looks for new ways to increase efficiency and drive down cost, inverters have gone from the relatively simple to decode Central, String and Micro options to a bewildering...
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  • Solectria Dual MPPT Inverters
When I first became aware of dual MPPT inverters I asked myself, "Self, why didn't you think of that?"  This simple, yet powerful concept provides for simplified PV system design, increased solar...
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