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  • Energy Storage
Geli, in partnership with Woodlawn Associates, completed a study examining the economics of solar and storage. Specifically, they calculated the value of solar and storage for two commercial...
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  • 800RE EnergyCell 48V 672Ah AGM Battery System
    1) How often do I need to charge or "top off" my lead-acid batteries?   Maintaining your batteries is the key ingredient to ensuring that your battery bank reaches its designed life...
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  • Dimming nuclear prospects
After experiencing rapid growth in the 1970's, the development of nuclear power plants in the US has stalled.  The stagnation of nuclear power in the US can be attributed to a plethora of factors,...
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  • dispatchable power
Falling energy storage costs and steadily increasing solar capacity stand to catalyze a paradigm shift from net metering to distributed energy storage.  Implementing a system composed of a web of...
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