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  • How heat effects PV Productions
The biggest factor in how well a PV module will perform is heat dissipation.  The modules, just like inverters, do not like heat build up.  This can greatly affect their overall performance in...
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  • Landscape Array Orientation
  Residential PV system designs sometimes require installing modules in landscape orientation.  Usually this is due to constraints with roof dimensions.  Other times it can be due to aesthetic ...
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  • Why should I use Grounding WEEB on solar applications?
Grounding PV modules to reduce or eliminate shock and fire hazards is necessary and required by the National Electrical Code. The grounding guidelines of the Code essentially state that all...
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  • How do you space a ground-mounted array?
Here are some  pointers for a well designed ground-mounted array. Jump to another CivicSolar article for some practical and free shading tools. Ground-mounted PV systems are increasingly prevalent...
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