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  • Commercial Solar New Tax Bill
Corporate Tax Rate   One of the major components of the tax bill is the reduction of the corporate tax rate from 35% to 21%. A lower corporate tax rate could have several impacts on commercial solar...
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  • JinkoSolar Plant
When selecting a module manufacturer for your bids and projects, there are many factors to consider. At CivicSolar, the most common considerations voiced by installers are bankability, reliability,...
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  • 6 steps to securing commercial solar loan solutions
  The commercial solar industry has historically been stymied by a lack of access to capital. One of the fundamental causes of this roadblock is the complexity and variability of projects, which...
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  • Aerocompact
There is roughly 50 billion square feet of commercial rooftop space in the US and only 2% of these rooftops currently have solar. This leaves an enormous untapped market for solar contractors to...
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  • Commercial Solar Loans - Wunder Capital
Business in the US solar market is booming. Growth is both strong and accelerating. But, as has been frequently reported, most of this growth has occurred in the residential and utility-scale market...
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  • Solar Under a Buck
    Earlier this year CivicSolar launched a promotion entitled Solar Under a Buck to much fan fair. It has a tongue and cheek description of our new commercial solar offering, a complete solar...
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