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  • Lead-Acid Battery
  Lead-Acid batteries are still the most common form of energy storage for photovoltaic systems. A lead-acid battery charges, stores, and discharges energy based on a chemical reaction of the metal...
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  • Solar energy storage
As we dive into the second half of the decade, it is inevitable that renewable energy will play a leading role in the electricity generation mix. Wind and solar power represent the majority of new...
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  • 800RE EnergyCell 48V 672Ah AGM Battery System
    1) How often do I need to charge or "top off" my lead-acid batteries?   Maintaining your batteries is the key ingredient to ensuring that your battery bank reaches its designed life...
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  • Deka has a wide offering of solar batteries
  Types of Lead Acid Batteries (Wet / AGM / Gel)   Wet (aka Flooded)   Wet batteries are generally less expensive than the two other main types, AGM and Gel. A well-maintained wet battery...
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I need to run a tv,freezer,microwave,Internet and led lights I need sys. That will handle all this with some extra, mixer etc. need all panel ,inverter,batteries, mouthing gear wire etc. I have...
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  • Inverters in AC-Coupled Systems
The gaining popularity of AC-coupled PV systems brings to light a subtle, yet key difference between the two types of inverters used in this system architecture.  To start, what are the two types...
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  Which Battery Technology Works Best for PV?   It seems that every week a new type of battery technology is being announced. High temperature Sodium Sulphur, Vanadium Redox and similar exciting new...
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