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  • Proper preparation prevents poor performance with Solar Installation
Solar integrators use all sorts of tools to complete the tasks that keep their businesses moving forward. These include the obvious hand and power tools to install the solar equipment and the less...
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  • Getting the most out of your solar array
  The following is a general breakdown of the ideal tilts to meet the energy demand you are hoping to get out of an array: Year-round loads: Tilt angle equals latitude Winter loads: Tilt angle equals...
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  • roof flashing, flashing, weather, rain
Protect your roof from water intrusion. Solar modules are designed to last decades, while our roofing may not be.  One of the earliest racking installation methods was to simply apply “dope” or...
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  • Unirac intuitive design
In this week’s article I am reviewing Unirac’s recent advancements in their SolarMount racking products. In an ever growing racking market, with all of the options that are out there, it can be...
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  • Rail Free Racking
  The prospect of having a PV mounting support system without mounting rails is nothing new.  Previously it involved having a racking support system that was integrated with a module's frame,...
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  Solar Is Not Always Sunny Over their lifetime, solar panels experience countless extreme weather events. Not just the worst storms in years, but the worst storms in 40 years. High...
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  • IronRidge Integrated Grounding
       Integrated Grounding FAQ Is UL 2703 a new standard? UL 2703 is currently an Outline of Investigation, which means it has not yet been accepted by ANSI as a standard....
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  Product Updates IronRidge is expanding its XR Rail Family to include three size options: XR10, XR100 & XR1000. These options replace XRS & XRL. In...
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  • Sun Energy Output Solmetric Insolation Tool: Honolulu
Azimuth is the array’s east-west orientation in degrees. In most of the solar PV energy calculator tools, an azimuth value of zero is facing the equator in both northern and southern hemispheres....
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  • Mounting Solar Panels on Shingle roof 1
The racking and mounting system of a solar PV installation normally consist of 10% to 25% of the total cost of the installation. However, the related roof maintenance costs are rarely included in the...
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