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  • Yaskawa Solectria XGI
  Yaskawa Solectria Solar recently announced the launch of the XGI 1000 and XGI 1500 string inverters for commercial and utility-scale applications. The new inverters are engineered, designed and...
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  • 1GW Ground-mounted Smart PV Plant in Ningxia, China
Although transformerless (TL) string inverters were established in the residential market, the advent of 20, 30 and 40+ kW sizes have allowed these versatile units to replace central inverters in...
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  • Proper preparation prevents poor performance with Solar Installation
Solar integrators use all sorts of tools to complete the tasks that keep their businesses moving forward. These include the obvious hand and power tools to install the solar equipment and the less...
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  • Yaskawa - Solectria TL String Inverters
In 2015, Yaskawa Electric Corporation, Yaskawa – Solectria Solar’s parent company, celebrated their 100th anniversary. To us at CivicSolar and to solar installers across the U.S., Yaskawa - Solectria...
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  • Getting the most out of your solar array
  The following is a general breakdown of the ideal tilts to meet the energy demand you are hoping to get out of an array: Year-round loads: Tilt angle equals latitude Winter loads: Tilt angle equals...
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  • Solectria Dual MPPT Inverters
When I first became aware of dual MPPT inverters I asked myself, "Self, why didn't you think of that?"  This simple, yet powerful concept provides for simplified PV system design, increased solar...
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  • Sun Energy Output Solmetric Insolation Tool: Honolulu
Azimuth is the array’s east-west orientation in degrees. In most of the solar PV energy calculator tools, an azimuth value of zero is facing the equator in both northern and southern hemispheres....
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