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  • Chilicon
This article will discuss the advantages of using microinverters with AC coupling for residential, single-phase applications. The two leading microinverter manufacturers in the U.S. market include...
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  • metal roof, S-5!, installation
In partnership with S-5!, we have put together a comprehensive E-Book outlining best practices when it comes to installing solar on metal roofs.  Metal roofs continue to make up an increasing...
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  • S-5!
If you’ve been installing rooftop PV systems and haven’t yet heard of S-5!, it’s time to stop living under that rock. S-5! provides attachment solutions and comprehensive load tables for the majority...
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  • S-5! Clamps
Authored by Charlie Saginaw Metal roofs continue to grow in popularity because of their modern aesthetic and durability. Since 1992, S-5! has become synonymous with lasting metal roof attachments,...
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  • Block diagrams present an organized visual representation
The design of PV systems can be fairly simple as well as extremely complex.  No matter how difficult or easy, it is important to document the design process.  Doing so will help flush out issues...
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  • AC-Coupling Design
One of the main considerations to AC-coupling design is the ratio between the Grid-Tie inverter (GTI) and the Battery-Based inverter (BBI).  Why? There are conditions that might occur when the site...
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  • Standing Seam Metal Solar Roofing Application
I rebuilt my roof for 150 MPH winds, or for the zombie-near miss tornado.  It is 22 gauge steel, white color with 85% reflectance.  The seam is H150, 1.5" tall seam, folded over.  The hold down clips...
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