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This article will discuss the advantages of using microinverters with AC coupling for residential, single-phase applications. The two leading microinverter manufacturers in the U.S. market include...
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  • SolarWorld’s latest innovation; the 290 watt monocrystalline silver-framed modul
Launched in 1975 as Solar Technology International, SolarWorld has been leading an innovative charge in photovoltaics for 40 years.  Founder Bill Yerkes demanded SolarWorld lead by example from...
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  • Block diagrams present an organized visual representation
The design of PV systems can be fairly simple as well as extremely complex.  No matter how difficult or easy, it is important to document the design process.  Doing so will help flush out issues...
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  • AC-Coupling Design
One of the main considerations to AC-coupling design is the ratio between the Grid-Tie inverter (GTI) and the Battery-Based inverter (BBI).  Why? There are conditions that might occur when the site...
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      High-performance, Superior Quality, Made in America                                  As the largest and most experienced solar manufacturer in the USA, SolarWorld's...
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      Frequently asked questions about solar panels for your home   How much does a solar electric system cost? The cost of your solar investment will vary greatly depending on the size of the...
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  • Determining Snow and Wind Loads
      Introduction As one of the largest and most established vertically integrated photovoltaic (PV) manufacturers on the planet, SolarWorld is intimately involved with every...
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