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  • Solar Module Trends
You may have recently noticed that it's been harder to find your preferred modules. Or, that prices have increased relative to what they were a few months ago. Well, you're not wrong. The module...
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  • Chilicon
This article will discuss the advantages of using microinverters with AC coupling for residential, single-phase applications. The two leading microinverter manufacturers in the U.S. market include...
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  • Jinko, Module Reliability, Solar Panel
  Frame The frame gives the solar panel shape and stability and protects the glass top layer from damage by flexion. Anodized aluminum is the best frame material to achieve shape and stability....
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  • Solar Panel Durability
Each component of a solar panel is relevant to performance: cells, glass, encapsulant, edge seal, frame, junction box, connectors, and backsheets.  Not only does CivicSolar recognize that each type...
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  • Solar Durability
1. The name of the cell manufacturer Knowing the name of the manufacturer allows you to determine what tier they are. While there are multiple ways that solar panels are ranked into tiers, we will...
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  • panel trends
The International Technology Roadmap for Photovoltaics is a yearly report designed to inform and educate PV suppliers and contractors on the direction of the industry. In its eighth year, the report...
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  • Block diagrams present an organized visual representation
The design of PV systems can be fairly simple as well as extremely complex.  No matter how difficult or easy, it is important to document the design process.  Doing so will help flush out issues...
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  • AC-Coupling Design
One of the main considerations to AC-coupling design is the ratio between the Grid-Tie inverter (GTI) and the Battery-Based inverter (BBI).  Why? There are conditions that might occur when the site...
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  • Kyocera Sakura Solar Center Japan installed in 1984: How Long Do Solar Panels Last?
The number most often referenced for the lifetime of a Silicon (Si) based solar panel is about 25 years.  Solar panels are an expensive upfront investment, and owners want to be sure that they’re...
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