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Co-Founder and VP of Marketing
Boston Office
15 years experience


Michael is the Co-founder and VP of Marketing of CivicSolar. He developed the idea for CivicSolar while working to install a solar installation at his own house in 2005, where he experienced first-hand the inefficiencies in solar distribution. 
Previously, he held the position as the Director of Marketing at GreenVolts - the prominent CPV company at the time - where he immersed himself in the solar industry. Although GreenVolts and CPV were a failed venture, he made numerous contacts and learned the fundamentals of photovoltaics from industry leaders.
His passion for the solar industry coupled with experience he gained at GreenVolts and the opportunity he saw while working on his own installation led him to partner with two very talented friends, Kerim Baran and Michael Paler, to start CivicSolar. 
Michael has had a successful career involved in several startup ventures prior to CivicSolar but while working for the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) on a climate change initiative he gained a deep understanding of the environmental impacts we face due to climate change. He graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a BA in History and Regional Planning. 

Favorite solar experience:

His favorite solar experience was working with Mathews Rice Farm and Rice Dryer in Marysville, CA to build a 1.2 MW solar power plant in 2012.  This project was so rewarding because he worked so closely with the project owner and learned what forethought and planning can provide to help bring about sustainable rice farming practices while generating a positive return on investment in the CA's Central Valley.  

New tech I'm excited about:

He is most excited about the what the advent of storage is going to bring to the industry and how battery technology, as well as costs, will have a similar curve as solar.