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Director of Technical Sales
Oakland Office
12 years experience


Chad is the Director of Engineering for CivicSolar. He has worked in the Solar industry for the past 11 years and hopes to make it 30 more. In this time, he has been responsible the design & installation of over 15,000 projects totaling more than 200 MW. The firms he worked at have varied from module manufacturer, project developer, E.P.C. to design consultant. Chad aids developers and E.P.C.s across the country with their technical project needs. Typical support for developers involves feasibility studies, product selection, energy modelling, and design optimization to maximize value for a given site. Help for E.P.C.s commonly comes in the form of full construction drawings, value engineering, and system troubleshooting.  

Chad is a Licensed Professional Electrical Engineer in the following states: CA, NJ, MA, HI, MD, & TX. He is also a NABCEP certified PV Professional.  

Favorite solar experience:

Installing my first PV system. Until then, my experience had been limited to design work at my desk. Having to install and commission the system gave me a whole different appreciation for the struggles involved.  

New tech I'm excited about:


  • Further design automation

  • Remote system sizing, shading analysis, faster and more accurate generation estimating

  • Software and Analytics involved in controlling Solar and/or Storage systems

  • Continued migration of electronics at the module level