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Technical Sales
Oakland Office
4 years experience


Mike draws upon several years of commercial and residential PV design experience with SolarCity, paired with a background in conceptual design and rapid prototyping to inform his practice in the renewable energy space. In a nod to R. Buckminster Fuller's Spaceship Earth philosophy, Mike has committed his career to developing "...Strategies intended to enable all of humanity to live with freedom, comfort and dignity, without negatively impacting the earth’s ecosystems or regenerative ability." Reimagining the way that we produce, distribute and consume energy is an immense undertaking, but Mike believes it is a fascinating and worthwhile matter deserving of all the intellectual focus that society can muster. Mike holds a BA in Sculpture and Design from Bennington College and is currently pursuing his MS in Energy Systems Management at the University of San Francisco.

Favorite solar experience:

The sun comes up every morning.

New tech I'm excited about:

Mike is super stoked on communications-ready smart inverters and the ability to fine-tune the role of distributed generation in the grid. Intuitive generation systems coupled with energy storage are exactly what we need.