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Western Account Manager
Oakland Office
3 years experience


Braulio is actively making the world a sustainable place for future generations. He is currently a Sales Development and Product Analyst at CivicSolar. Braulio began his career at CivicSolar as a Sales Associate which he took a good grasp of by proactively developing new relationships and projects across the Americas. His unceasing technological curiosity, interpersonal skills, and macroscopic vision allowed him to deliver high value technical expertise and customer service. 

His passion for the preservation of nature began in his early days when he studied the environmental impacts we face due to climate change in his home country, El Salvador. Thereafter, he took a proactive mindset and pursued a Bachelors Degree in Energy Business and Finance at The Pennsylvania State University. Throughout his professional career, Braulio has gained valuable experience in sales, management consulting, operations and market research across the biofuels, recycling and renewable energy industries. Braulio's success has leaned mostly on his willingness to run the extra mile, passion to help others become successful, and a little bit of luck.

Favorite solar experience:

Spotting roofs I would install a solar system on.

New tech I'm excited about:

More plug and play solar + storage solutions