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Sales Associate
Boston Office
4 years experience


Molly Cox is originally from Los Angeles, CA and attended Colby College in Waterville, ME. After studying European sustainability abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark, Molly developed a passion for the renewable energy space. Shortly after starting work at CivicSolar, she joined the U.S. Green Building Council. As a member of their Residential Green Building Committee, she works with other dedicated individuals to promote more green buildings in the greater Boston area. At CivicSolar, Molly enjoys digging into project designs for customers and helping them find the most optimal solutions for their customers. Molly received her NABCEP PV Technical Sales Certification in May 2017.

Favorite solar experience:

My favorite and most rewarding experience at CivicSolar was working on a mid-size commercial project in New Jersey. My favorite part about it was working with the customer from start to finish. Whether it was going back and forth and making tweaks on the design while the building was still under construction or ensuring final logistics for delivery, we had a blast. The best part was seeing pictures of the final project! I designed the system using Aerocompact's ballasted solution, which made the customer very pleased.

New tech I'm excited about:

I'm excited to see the relationship between solar advocates and utility regulators continue to solidify, as we have witnessed in some key regions already. It is encouraging to read about local power companies and utilities making strides towards grid modernization and to see studies on the valuation of solar energy become more frequently addressed.