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Western Sales Manager
Boston Office
5 years experience


Charlie is a Sales Manager at CivicSolar. Prior to working at CivicSolar, Charlie was a Peace Corps Volunteer in the Dominican Republic. He worked with a coffee co-op and led youth initiatives at a community computer lab. His experience in the DR taught him so much about international development and it encouraged him to learn about the importance of solar energy. Charlie believes solar is one of the best strategies for sustainable development because it reduces electricity costs while preserving natural resources, which is a luxury for the world's most vulnerable populations. Solar also is a perfect marriage for his interests in politics and business. 

Charlie has been working in sales for 3 years at CivicSolar and he has loved learning about new technology and helping installers find the optimal design for their projects. He also likes to roll-up his sleeves and keep contractors up-to-speed on financing options and key industry and policy trends. 

Favorite solar experience:

The first time he succesfully helped an installer with a string sizing (ET Solar 250s on an old Fronius 7.6)!

New tech I'm excited about:

Besides storage, he's most excited about inverters because their functions evolve (expand) and they will facilitate solar's integration to the grid.