Solar Financing

As adoption of solar continues to increase, consumer awareness of alternative solar financing solutions is subsequently increasing. Property owners are realizing that there is minimal inherent risk in owning and maintaining their own residential or commercial solar systems. In many cases, this means that ownership of the solar system makes more sense for home and property owners than Third-Party Owned solutions (lease and PPA). As consumer awareness continues to increase, new solar residential solar financing companies are entering the market to provide customer-owned and TPO financing solutions via local, independent installers.

In this increasingly competitive solar environment, it is critical for independent solar installers to understand and be able to communicate the pros and cons of the many types of solar financing solutions. This way, that they can offer the best solutions to each of their customers. CivicSolar is available to help you better understand the ever-changing solar financing landscape to help your customers find the best option for both of you.

CivicSolar Installers Guide to Solar Financing
  • Increase leads
  • Close more deals 
  • Shorten sales cycles 
  • Increase project sizes
  • Be more competitive



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  • Make solar more affordable
  • Provide funding for client projects as small as 50 kW
  • Working capital loans available
  • PACE, Loans, Lease Options



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