Simpliphi Batteries | Energy Resiliency Solution


Simpliphi Power provides clean, safe, reliable, and scalable Lithium ion energy storage solutions for homeowners.


In light of the recent natural disasters impacting residents of Puerto Rico, Houston, South Florida, and Northern California, CivicSolar has partnered with Simpliphi Power to offer discounted Lithium ion batteries to those in need. During these troubling times, it is important to remember the role that distributed energy generation plays in the grid's resilience moving forward. We believe that a grid supported by advanced storage solutions is a grid that will ensure greater energy security in the face of natural disasters.

CivicSolar will be extending the following offer through the end of December:

  • $250 off 3.4kWh Simpliphi Lithium Ion Batteries (FAQ Sheet)

  • Expedited Shipping for the cost of Standard Shipping