What size Schneider SW inverter do I need?

I am planning to supplement the generator use at my small vacation home with a solar system and batteries. It tends to get hot in the summer, so we occasionally run an AC unit. By my estimates my loads will draw about 3000 watts (W), but the AC has a surge startup demand that would put the total draw near 6000W. I haven't made any decisions regarding my battery bank yet

Is the SW 4024 or 4048 better suited for my application?



Hi Anon

Based on the information you provided we would suggest using the SW 4048. Both the 4024 and 4048 are unique in that they offer significant surge power ratings of 7000W for 5 seconds.  


  • Maximum continuous output power (AC): 3400W

  • Max 30 minute output power (AC): 4000W

  • Max 5 second power surge rating (AC): 7000W


  • Maximum continuous output power (AC): 3800W

  • Max 30 minute output power (AC): 4400W

  • Max 5 second power surge rating (AC): 7000W

Based on this information both units would support your AC surge load, but the SW 4048 will give you more wiggle room in terms of continuous power output. If you go with the SW 4048 you will need to configure a 48V battery bank. A 48V battery bank will keep your amps lower, allowing you to use smaller conductors and fusing/breakers.

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