How to string SCA23KTL-DO/US Inverter?

I am looking to find out information regarding on how to String the CPS SCA23KTL-DO/US inverter?


Hello Albert,

I'm happy to lend a hand here.  Can you tell me what modules and quantities you are planning to use?  Also where the project will be located.  That will help me to better assist you in stringing.  Unless your question is not about string sizing but the actual connections.  

In either case, I'm here to help.




Chint has an excel based string tool made by Renewable Energy Resources (

In the excel program you should be able to enter in the relevant module data from its spec sheet there.

Or you can use Solectria's string tool.  Chint's SCA23TL is comparable to their PVI 23TL.  Chint makes theirs.

Giving you 18 in a string and a total of 19 strings to complete the system.

Or a little spot check to do it the manual way (how-to here)

I am happy to take a deeper look at it for you if you can direct me to the spec sheet.  



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Albert Hernandez