How do I achieve module-level optimization with a string inverter?

I am working with a customer on a tight budget to install a 7.2 kW system and we are going to use a string inverter. It turns two of the modules will catch shadows from a tree. I’m married to a string inverter and there isn't a budget for switching to microinverters. Are they any options?


Thanks for your question. Fortunately the technology continues to progress and it sounds like the JinkoMX is the optimal solution. JinkoMX has cell-level optimization since Maxim chips reside at the cell string level within each module. Traditionally optimization was at the module level but this will allow a module to continue harvesting energy even if part of the module is shaded.

The JinkoMX can be used with your string inverter of choice and there will be no additional hardware or extra labor. These modules should keep the project within budget while exceeding production objectives.

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