How can I accurately spec a racking BOM?

I've checked out your past article on how to spec racking manually. Is this really the fastest way? 


Many leading racking manufacturers have online design tools that allow installers to generate a complete bill of materials in minutes. You can avoid having extra materials and reduce time in the design and engineering process by using your preferred racking manufacturer’s design tool.  These design tools are another example of technology streamlining the installation and permitting processes.

We’ve received great feedback on the Ironridge Design Assistant. When using it you will need to enter basic project information such as the project zip code, exact module being used, building information (height and slope, and layout are necessary to use it). With this information, installers are able to view maximum spanning between attachments and load values while comparing the different Ironridge rails (XR10, XR100, XR1000). The Design Assistant allows multiple sub-arrays within the same project and allows you to view the sub-arrays’ dimensions and quantities.  The Ironridge Design tool will facilitate your permitting process since it generates documents for permitting such as Grounding, Fire Class Rating, and state certifications.

Our Account Managers are comfortable using the IronRidge and other design tools. If you have any additional questions, contact yours today! ​

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