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Hello Civic Solar, I am an Installer. I have a new project, but it is a quite different from what I have done. I need to install a 30KW grid-tie system, but it needs to be single phase. I have never done something like this. I do not know about any 30kw single phase inverter. Maybe you can recommend one (If it exist). What I want to do is to connect 3 Inverters of 10kw each in parallel. I think it is possible without any problems. Can I do it with any Inverter or has to be a special one? What can you recommend? Thank you very much. Jesus Valverde


There should be no problem connecting the inverters in parallel. Do it through a breaker for each inverter. 

Many utilities follow a rule that restricts single phase back feeds to 20kW if the distribution transformer supplies more than one customer. Check on that.  

Jesus, May I suggest you consider 4 units of Solectria 7600TL, 7600W inverters from Civic with 8 total MPPT zones, 97.5% CEC efficiency for a total of 30.4kW AC or if 30.0kW limit, then substitue a 6600 for one of the 7600s for a total of 29.4kW. - James Worden, Solectria, A Yaskawa Company,

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