Does ComBox replace need for a battery monitor and separate control panel?

I am thinking of purchasing the Schneider Conext SW 4kW 120/240VAC 48VDC Inverter/Charger RNW8654048.  

If I get the ComBox to access the System Control Program do I still need the Conext System Control Panel (RNW865105001)  and/or the Battery Monitor (RNW865108001)?  In other words will the ComBox eleminate the need for the Conext System Control Panel and Battery Monitor? 


As long as you have a laptop to plug directly into the combox, you can use it instead of the System Control Panel (SCP). Think of the Combox as a system control panel that you can use locally to configure and monitor your schneider equipment, like the SCP, but with the added ability to connect to the web and also monitor remotely. To set up and monitor a schneider system you need to have EITHER the Combox OR the SCP, or both if you want redundancy. The battery monitor is a separate accessory that is not required, but is an excellent tool for monitoring batteries - it works with the Combox or the SCP.

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