Yaskawa-Solectria Solar SolrenView Monitoring for XGI 1000 Inverters

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Yaskawa-Solectria SolrenView Monitoring for XGI 1000 OPT-SRV-ID-COM5

Note: This is a factory installed option.

SolrenView monitoring provides PV system owners a highly accurate and real-time web-based monitoring solution to maximize efficiency and profitability of their solar assets. Yaskawa-Solectria Solar’s SolrenView web-based monitoring solution is available for use with residential, commercial and utility-scale inverters, allowing for real-time, seamless recording and reporting of PV system production. The SolrenView data logger comes standard and fully-integrated within all commercial and utility-scale inverters. A standalone SolrenView system features inverter direct monitoring, revenue grade monitoring, agency reporting, SolZoneTM sub-array current monitoring, XML feed, kiosk view and weather station monitoring.


  • Compatible with XGI 1000 Inverters
  • Inverter direct & revenue grade monitoring
  • Monitor up to 50 inverters (one network cluster)
  • Performance charting
  • Real-time status notifications
  • Detailed system data
  • No hardware required
  • Reliable, safe & secure data storage
  • SunSpec compatible

Standard Monitoring Package

SolrenView Inverter Direct monitoring allows customers to see detailed operational inverter data (DC and AC) using a web-enabled device. This standard package allows customers to view daily, weekly, monthly, and annual graphs up to 5 years into the past, viewing single events or long-term performance trends. The package includes e-mail and cell phone alerts with detailed descriptions of system issues and a recommended course of action.

Optional Add-ons

  • Site privacy
  • XML Feed
  • Sub-array monitoring (SolZone)
  • Weather station
  • Automated agency reporting
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