Tyco PV4-S1F Female Plus Pin Connector, 2270025-1


Tyco PV4-S1F Female Plus Pin Connector, 2270025-1

The Tyco PV4 connector is the sophisticated solution for thin-film and crystalline panel manufacturers and installers. This robust and weather-proof, IP68 compliant connector is engineered for reliable performance in demanding and harsh environments. With its audible snap-in and lock feature, the connector withstands accidental pulls without any interruptions and provides a stable and safe connection. This solution, which is easy to assemble with typical connectors and tooling in the market, offers lower contact resistance compared to the standard line and thus maximizes total power output.

Key Features:

  • Lower contact resistance compared to standard line
  • Conformance with NEC 2008/2011 requirements
  • Audible snap-in and lock mating design
  • One of the highest IP68 protection in its class
  • Quick and easy assembly with industry application tools

Mechanical Data:

  • Product Type = Connector
  • Type of Connector = Cable Coupler
  • Gender = Female
  • Wire Size (mm² AWG) = 6.0² 10
  • Protection Degree: IP 68 (1m/24 hr)

Contact Related Features:

  • Contact Base Material = Tin Copper
  • Contact Finish = Silver Plate

Housing Related Features:

  • Housing Material = PC
  • Housing Color = Black


  • UL 20 A and TUV 35 A for 4.0 mm2 (at 85ºC)
  • UL 30 A and TUV 40 A for 6.0 mm2 (at 85ºC)
  • Rated VOltage: 600V / 1000V (UL); 1000V (TUV)
  • Contact Resistant: 0.50 mΩ typical



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0.74 in (length) × 0.96 in (width) × 2.46 in (height)
0.02 lb

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