SolarWorld Plus SW 300 Mono 300W Mono SLV/WHT 5BB 1000V 33mm US Solar Panel

SolarWorld Plus SW 300 Mono 300W Mono SLV/WHT 5BB 1000V 33mm US Solar Panel
CS Part #: 
Mfr. Part #: 
SW 300 5BB
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Bundle Size: 

World-class quality
Fully-automated Mono PERC production lines and seamless monitoring of the process and material ensure the quality that the company sets as its benchmark for its sites worldwide.

SolarWorld Plus-Sorting
Plus-Sorting guarantees highest system efficiency. SolarWorld only delivers modules that have greater than or equal to the nameplate rated power.

25-year linear performance guarantee and extension of product warranty to 10 years SolarWorld guarantees a maximum performance digression of 0.7% p.a. in the course of 25 years, a significant added value compared to the two-phase warranties common in the industry, along with our industry-first 10-year product warranty

Mechanical Data & Components
Module Technology: 
65.95 × 39.4 × 1.3 in
39.7 lb
Cells Per Module: 
Module Frame Material: 
Clear Aluminum
Module Frame Thickness: 
Module Backsheet Material: 
Module Connector: 
MC4 Intermateable
Module Output Cables: 
PV Wire
Electrical Characteristics
Module Watts STC: 
300 Watts
Module Watts PTC: 
273.10 Watts
Max Power Voltage (Vmpp): 
31.10 Volts
Max Power Current (Impp): 
7.75 Amps
Open Circuit Voltage (Voc): 
36.90 Volts
Short Circuit Current (Isc): 
8.27 Amps
Max System Voltage: 
1000.00 Volts
Series Fuse Rating: 
25 Amps
Module Efficiency: 
Temp Coefficient (Pmpp): 
Temp Coefficient (Voc): 
Datasheets & Collateral
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