SMA Sunny Boy Storage 6kW Battery Inverter 6.0-US

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SMA Sunny Boy Storage 6kW Battery Inverter 6.0-US

The Sunny Boy Storage battery inverter has been precisely engineered to serve as the intelligent interface between PV, the electrical grid, and industry-leading high-voltage batteries. Its AC coupled architecture enables installation at any point in time, providing greater flexibility and giving installers the opportunity to generate new business with existing customers. Along with its ability to address the large retrofit market of existing PV systems, it also delivers the most cost-effective, versatile and innovative residential storage solution available. Additionally, up to 2000W of convenience power can now be achieved in the event of a grid outage during both day and night thanks to its Secure Power Supply feature. Full backup functionality will also be available with a backup unit from 3rd party vendors.


  • AC coupled for new PV systems or retrofitting existing systems
  • Compatible with many leading high-voltage batteries
  • Three separate DC inputs allow for maximum power and energy capacity
  • Includes energy management functions for many different applications
Technical Specifications
Mechanical Data & Components
11.8 × 23.6 × 31.5 in
66 lb
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Support Articles
 AC or DC Coupled

It seems like a small amount of confusion exists about photovoltaic systems utilizing battery backup features.  What’s the confusion?  DC and AC-coupled systems are many times referred to as the same system. 

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