Schneider XW 80A 600VDC MPPT Charge Controller RNW8651032

Schneider Electric Conext MPPT 80 600 Charge Controller
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Schneider Electric Conext MPPT 80 600 Charge Controller? 

The Schneider Electric Conext MPPT 80 600 is an innovative solar charge controller that offers an industry-first set of features: high PV input voltage (up to 600 Vdc), Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT), and 80 A charge current. 600 Vdc PV input voltage delivers lower installation costs through fewer PV strings, longer home runs, smaller wiring and conduit, and virtual elimination of PV combiner boxes and circuit breakers. MPPT technology helps harvest the most energy available from the PV array, regardless of environmental conditions. 80 A battery charge current allows for connection of arrays rated at up to 4800 W (48 V battery bank)

Product Features

• Up to 600 Vdc input
• Full Power Range: 230 to 550 Vdc
• Operating Range: 195 to 550 Vdc
• MPPT Range: 195 to 510 Vdc
• PV Array Start Voltage: 230 Vdc
• 80 A Output; 48 V or 24 V Battery (nominal)
• Full Power (4,800 W; 2,560 W) up to 45 C (113 F)
• Fast Sweep MPPT Algorithm
• Two- or Three-stage Battery Charger, Plus EQ
• Battery Type Settings: FLA, AGM, Gel, Custom
• Battery Temperature Compensation
• High Efficiency: 96% nom @ 48 V; 94% nom @ 24 V
• Low Tare Loss (0.5 W; Xanbus Power Supply Off)
• Built-in GFP and Indicator
• Input Over-voltage and Over-current Protection
• Output Over-current and Back-feed Protection
• Over-temperature Protection
• PV Cell Compatibility: Mono, Poly, String, Thin-Film
• Selectable PV Array Grounding: (+), (-), or ungrounded
• Positive or Negative System Ground
• Xanbus Compatible with AGS, Gateway, SCP, and XW
• AUX Output (dry contact, form “C”)
• PDP Mounting Compatible (30” x 8.5” x 8.5”)
• Variable Speed Cooling Fans
General Information
Charge Controller
Technical Specifications
Battery Voltages: 
24 Volts
48 Volts
Max Input (PV) Voltage: 
550.00 Volts
Max Input (PV) Current: 
35.00 Amps
Max Output (Battery) Current: 
80.00 Amps
Mechanical Data & Components
13 × 10.6 × 34.3 in
38.3 lb
Datasheets & Collateral
Support Articles
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