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Service Description

Project Description:

  • Residential PV Only Project

  • 240 VAC Split Phase Service Voltage

  • 1 Point of Interconnection

  • System size <20kW

Services to be provided:

CivicSolar shall prepare design drawings in accordance with our Terms and Conditions

  1. Professional Engineer review of submitted electrical plans 


  1. Any items not specifically included in the detailed scope of work.

  2. Creating or editing formal Equipment Specifications.

  3. Multiple design iterations with Contractor/Client for Value Engineering.

  4. Representing or incorporating Vendor shop drawings in Plan Sets.

  5. Design and Engineering of Array or String level monitoring, of any custom data acquisition or monitoring equipment, SCADA System Architecture design and specification, for lighting systems, for lightning protection systems or modifications to existing lightning protection systems, of Substations and Switchyards, of Electrical Modifications or Upgrades to existing Electrical gear, of site-specific ground-grid design

  6. AC/DC Arc-Flash or Short Circuit Calculations.

  7. Fuse coordination or protection studies.

  8. System Impact and Reliability Studies, Feasibility Studies, and other Utility required studies for interconnection.

  9. Alterations to the existing site beyond the solar farm / solar array boundaries.

  10. Providing, generating, or certifying existing roof/structure As-Built conditions.

  11. Design and analysis of PV racking systems. We expect to be using a pre-engineered racking structure from the vertical post upward.

  12. Engineering for Structural Modifications or Upgrades.

  13. Permit costs or any other required jurisdictional permits.  Utility interconnection fees or costs. Submittals or coordination with Authority Having Jurisdiction or Utility.  

  14. Signing or certifying “Record Drawings”.

  15. Construction Administration or oversight.

  16. Design or production of more than one (1) distinct plan set or one (1) interconnection point, unless specified in this scope of work.


*All files to be provided in digital PDF format. Printing and shipping shall be invoiced on a time and materials basis

  • Letter confirming review
  • PE stamp on submitted drawings (drawings not included)

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