Quick Mount QSplice External, Standard, Mill, QMR-ESS A, Qty 1


Quick Mount PV QSplice External, Standard, Mill, 15 Pack QMR-ESS A 15

The QRail™ Series is an innovative new rooftop racking system featuring patented QClick™ and QSplice™ technologies that simplifies and speeds installation. QRail seamlessly combines with Quick Mount PV’s industry-leading waterproof mounts to provide a complete, fully integrated racking and mounting solution for installing solar PV modules on any roof.

Exclusive QClick™ and QSplice™ technologies make installation fast and easy. Electrical bonding is fully integrated into every system component. And QRail comes with Q Design, a free online tool to enable quick and easy design of solar array configurations, generate complete engineering reports and calculate a precise bill of material for all the mounting, racking and accessories needed for a complete solar array.

Technical specifications

Aluminum - Mill Finish
Product type
Pitched Roof - Rail-Based

Mechanical data & components

5.25 in (length) × 7.25 in (width) × 10.25 in (height)
6.64 lb

Datasheets & collateral

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