Quick Mount Quick Rack Conduit Composition Mount, 9" x 12", Mill, QMCC A, Qty 1

Quick Mount PV QMCC A Mill Finish Classic Conduit Composition Mount
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Quick Mount PV QMCC A Mill Finish Conduit Mount

Classic Conduit 9"x12" flashed mount for conduit strap 

The Quick Mount PV Classic Conduit Composition Mount is designed to work with a standard single hole conduit clamp (not supplied) for 1/2" though 1 1/2" conduits.  It is ideal to both lift the conduit off the roof for better air cooling, as well as secure it per code.

Quickly and Simply
Flashes the penetration of the conduit attachment. Allows water and debris to pass under. Lifts conduit off the roof relieving direct heat transfer from roofing to wiring.

Quick Mount PV is an all-in-one waterproof flashing and mount to anchor photovoltaic racking systems, solar thermal panels, or anything you may need to secure to a new or existing roof. It is made in the USA of all aluminum and includes stainless steel hardware. It works with all standard racks, installs seamlessly and saves labor by not needing to cut away any roofing, will out live galvanized 2 to 1, and is a better low-profile mount.

Technical Specifications
Aluminum - Mill Finish
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Pitched Roof - Rail-Based
Mechanical Data & Components
12 × 8 × 2 in
0.68 lb
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Data Sheet
Data Sheet
Support Articles
Quick Mount PV on Composite roof

A Quickmount PV video that explains some of the most critical issues that need to be considered in roof installations.

roof flashing, flashing, weather, rain

Roof flashings are an intergral part of an installation. They provide added protection against water intrusion. It is like having insurance for your roof.

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