Outback Smart Harvest 5A 50VDC PWM Charge Controller SCCP05-050

Outback SmartHarvest 5A PWM Charge Controller
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The right charge controller for small or singel-purpose Photvoltaic (PV) systems.
PMW charge controllers are an elegant, proven system solutions.  SmartHarvest's SCCP05-050 scales this economical solution for use in small PV systems dedicated to specific applications, such as powering a light, an appliance or charging a back-up battery system connected to a smart phone, PC, wireless network adapter or other critical electronic device.
PMW charge controllers use advanced digital signal processing to anticipate battery charging needs and affect the right amount of control.  They are an excellent choice for smaller systems operating under consistent solar conditions where utilizing economical PWM technology helps allocate more of the system budget to other areas such as energy storage.  The SCCP05-050 is the perfect charging solution when performance and economics are of equal priority.
General Information
Charge Controller
Technical Specifications
Battery Voltages: 
12 Volts
24 Volts
Max Input (PV) Voltage: 
50.00 Volts
Max Output (Battery) Current: 
5.00 Amps
Mechanical Data & Components
2.6 × 6.3 × 1 in
0.39 lb
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Small Package
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