Locus Energy C-IDM-15YR Inverter Direct 15 Year Monitoring - 50 kW and larger

Locus Energy C-SM-IDM-15YR Inverter Direct 15 Year Monitoring - Small/Single Pha
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Locus Energy  C-IDM-15YR Inverter Direct 15 Year Monitoring - 50 kW and larger

Large Three Phase Inverter Direct Monitoring for 15 years    

Includes interface to the inverter for fault codes and other data. 5 years of hosting and software license

The LGate 330 can be configured to monitor nearly any type of PV system. The standard configuration consists of an industrial grade datalogger and revenue-grade energy meter mounted inside a weatherized enclosure.  All LGates are shipped with integrated disconnect breakers making field installation much simpler. In addition, each unit can be configured to aggregate data from a large variety of peripheral devices such as inverters, string/sub-array combiner boxes and weather stations.


The LGate uses the RS-485 Modbus protocol to communicate with downstream devices. Any device that supports Modbus can be connected and monitored by the LGate. Up to 250 devices can be 

connected through the Modbus loop. All data is collected, timestamped and then stored in non-volatile memory. This interval data is stored locally until the next scheduled upload.


Once the LGate collects and stores performance data from connected devices, it will upload batches of data at regular intervals to the Locus Energy Smart Monitoring website. The LGate can transmit data over Ethernet, powerline carrier (PLC) or cellular networks. The integrated datalogger can be set to communicate through almost any type of local area network.


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