LG Chem 9.8kWh 63Ah 400V Lithium Ion Battery RESU10H - Primary Unit

LG Chem Battery RESU10H
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LG Chem 9.8kWh 63Ah 400V Lithium Ion Battery RESU10H - Primary Unit

Note: Sale for Approved LG Installers Only. The installer must have been approved and have passed LG Chem Certification Test in order for LG Chem Warranty to be valid. A LG Chem Secondary Unit is required to install mutiple units in parallel.

The LG Chem RESU10H can store surplus energy generated from rooftop solar panels for use when needed. When the sun has set, energy demand is high, or there is a black-out, you can use the energy stored in your Energy Storage System to meet your energy needs at no extra cost. Unlike a grid-tied solar system which automatically switches off, a battery storage system allows you to keep generating and consuming energy when the grid goes down.

The LG Chem 400V high-voltage storage system is compatible with many AC inverters including SolarEdge StorEdge or SMA Sunny Boy Storage. 


  • Compact Size & Easy Installation
  • Powerful Performance
  • Emergency Power Backup
  • 10-year manufacturer warranty
  • Listed to UL standards UL1642, UL1973, TUV IEC62619, CE, FCC, RCM
General Information
Technical Specifications
Lithium Battery
400 Volts
C/20 Capacity: 
Mechanical Data & Components
8.11 × 30 × 36 in
214 lb
Datasheets & Collateral
Document Type Published Date
Data Sheet 08/22/2017
Installation Manual 08/22/2017
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