IronRidge 29-4000-077 Wire Management Clips, Qty 20

Ironridge 29-4000-077 Wire Clip 20pc
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Ironridge Wire Clips 20pc

IronRidge Wire Clips fit the Standard (XRS) and Light (XRL) Rails, and accommodate up to ten 5mm panel wires, or one MC4, one Enphase wire and one dual Enphase wire.  Cast from black polycarbonate with UV protection.


Technical Specifications
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Wire Management
Pitched Roof - Rail-Based
Mechanical Data & Components
6 × 2 × 6 in
0.26 lb
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Data Sheet
Installation Manual
Support Articles
Grounding Clear Mid Clamp

So, when reviewing your order for completeness, don’t forget to add a couple of mid clamps, end clamps and SS hardware.

a squirrel next can cause a ground fault on a PV array

Seemingly harmless, squirrels can cause damage to your solar array production.

Solar Wire Management

Installers that take their wire management seriously will have longer lasting systems that require less maintenance over the lifetime of the PV system (20 to 30+ years).

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Small Package
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