Heyco SunBundler Stainless 14" Steel Cable Ties

Heyco SunBundler Stainless 12" Steel Cable Ties
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Heyco SunBundler Stainless Steel Cable Ties

  • Extremely durable, vinyl jacketed Stainless Steel Cable Tie.
  • Smooth vinyl jacketing prevents damage to installation cable insulation.
  • Stainless steel crimp sleeve for easy field installation with electrician linesman pliers, or wire cutters.
  • UV protected vinyl jacket is excellent for solar installation where product durability is required.
  • Use standard wire cutters to both crimp the sleeve and cut the excess wire.
  • Constructed from Commercial Aircraft Grade Stainless wire with UV protected vinyl jacket.
  • Not for use in a marine salt water environment. Contact Heyco for alternative materials.
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