GS Battery 48v / 48kWh / 1000ah 84" Lead Carbon Battery Kit, RE-SLR48VSYS-02

GS Battery ECO R SLR1000-2 System
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GS Battery 48v / 48kWh / 1000ah 84" Lead Carbon Battery Kit, RE-SLR48VSYS-02

Over a century of experience, GS Battery developed “SLR1000-2”, an Advanced Deep cycle Nano-Carbon VRLA battery. It is designed for high cycle energy storage system and delivers extraordinary performance and long service life.


  • Battery Type: Sealed, VRLA
  • System Voltage: 48-Volt
  • System Capacity: 48 kWh
  • Includes 250A circuit breakers assembly
  • Warranty: 10 year (limited)
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48 Volts
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Mechanical Data & Components
0 × 0 × 84 in
3845 lb
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Support Articles
Transmission Grid

Currently large centralized generators work in tandem with agile gas-fired turbines to precisely match electrical demand and maintain grid stability. A future dominated by distributed solar makes such load-following behavior challenging without the use of demand response and energy storage.

Energy Storage

In this post we introduce the economics of solar + storage. Join us at our webinar with Geli on Monday, August 1st at 1PM PST / 4PM PST. Link to register below!

GS Battery

As we enter Q2 of 2017, it is time for us to consider our solar accomplishments over the past fifteen months. In the past year, the U.S. added approximately 85% more PV than in 2015. Solar, natural gas, and wind made up 24.3 Gigawatts (GW) of additional electricity generating facilities. This is over 93% of the total new electricity generating additions in 2016. Solar plus energy storage has even more potential than solar. The storage market can grow and adopt lessons learned based on the transformations of the solar market. While solar and energy storage become an integral part of the utility structure, see New York policy, an opportunity for energy storage presents itself now more than ever before.

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