Enphase Portrait Q Cable 250VAC w/ 1.3m Connector Spacing, Q-12-10, QTY 240

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Enphase 1.3m Portrait Q Cable for 60/72 Modules Q-12-10-240, QTY 240

Note: this is a bulk pack of Enphase Q cables. Click here for individule cables.

Enphase IQ system comes with a number of accessories to facilitate an easy and flexible installation. The most common accessories of the IQ system are the Enphase IQ Microinverter, the Q Aggregator, the Q-Cable, and the IQ Envoy.

The Enphase Q Cable is used to link all the IQ microinverters in one branch. They are 50% lighter in weight and easier to install then the previous generation of Enphase Engage Cable. They are UL listed and the new cable numbering simplifies wire management. The cables come to size and are plug and play, all connections are water tight for a reliable long lasting installation.


  • Portrait module pitch: 3.28ft (1.0m) 
  • Connector pitch: 4.27ft (1.3m)
  • Conductor size: 12 AWG
  • Cable rating: TC-ER
  • Cable temperature rating: 194°F (90°C) wet/dry
  • Minimum bend radius: 4.75in (12cm)
  • Cable insulator rating: THWN-2
  • Compliance: IEC 60529 IP67, CAN/CSA 22.2 No. 21, 182.3, UL 486A/B, 514C, 6703, and 9703
  • UL 746 C, F1 Certified
  • Bulk pack of 240 connectors
  • 50% lighter than the previous generation Enphase cable
  • Double-insulated
  • Simplified wire management and quick installation
  • Link connectors eliminate cable waste

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22 in (length) × 23 in (width) × 30 in (height)
130 lb

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