Enphase Compatible Revenue Grade Meter RGM - GE i210+

Enphase Compatible Revenue Grade Meter RGM - GE i210+
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 Enphase Compatible GE i210+ Revenue Grade Meter (RGM)
Integrated wireless ZigBee communication 

The RGM is a single phase, watt-hour, revenue grade meter. It measures energy production from the array and sends data to the Envoy Communications Gateway, which then forwards the data to Enlighten over the Internet.

Note:The RGM does not replace the utility meter, but works along side it. The electric meter installed by your local utility measures net electric consumption, while the RGM measures solar production.

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8.5 × 6.5 × 3 in
3 lb
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Virtual Net Metering Map

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Although a seemingly simple protocol, a recent NREL study found the application and approval process takes an average of over 3 weeks from the time of application submittal to issuance of a PTO.

RGM part of a comprehensive PV monitoring system

What is an RGM? A meter specified as being revenue-grade is one that meets the requirements outlined in the ANSI standard C-12.1-2008. Why would I need one?

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